HireVue 1-Way Virtual InterviewIn order to hire top talent, employers must excel at selection, and specifically master the interview process. This requires the right questions, training, follow up and system, and results in deeper candidate insight earlier in the interview process. Virtual interviewing reduces scheduling time, travel costs, complexity and time-to-hire while increasing quality of new hires. Learn from Wal-mart, the largest, private employer in North America, who was the first company to introduce branded virtual interviewing booths at career fairs and student events.

By developing marketing and branding strategy to complement this innovative candidate assessment approach they were able to improve candidate attraction and drastically reduce cycle time. This session will address specific functions of this approach including the power and importance of employer branding and how to partner with the marketing function and best practices for successfully implementing this system.

Presented By: Cody Horton | Published: September 2, 2011

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I want to acknowledge Walmart. My commitment to Virtual Interviewing started during my tenure there.