Connecting SaaS Companies with The Diverse Talent They Need

We build connections…not a random list of people

As part of our mission to connect great people with great opportunities, we help SAAS companies continue to grow and advance by sourcing talented, diverse individuals who can help them achieve their growth objectives.

We also assist professionals in sales and technical roles by connecting them with opportunities within those SAAS organizations where their talents will be appreciated and they can continue to grow their skills and advance in their profession.

Recruiting is a people business. Our goal is to build relationships, not just make connections. Our recruiters are purpose-driven, focusing on the results our clients expect.

Networking is crucial to finding and attracting top diverse talent. Every month, we qualify hundreds of candidates from diverse backgrounds. Through every conversation, we become a trusted resource for candidates and increase the value we provide to our clients.

Supported Industries

  • Data Management/Big Data

  • Mobile applications

  • Networking

  • Cybersecurity

  • Storage

  • Analytics

  • Cloud computing

  • Data storage and processing

What We Do – On Demand Recruiting Services 

As a SaaS business focused on scaling up, your hiring needs seem to be in a constant flux. Often, your SaaS recruiting needs change overnight; you’ve finally got that funding, so now you need to fill seats fast so you can “wow” your investors, but where are you going to find the time to do that when you’ve got a business to run?

Finding top talent for your SaaS company is not easy… you can spend hundreds if not thousands of hours sourcing candidates and can still find yourself without a quality candidate. Who has time for that?

We offer on-demand candidate sourcing to support the recruitment efforts of SaaS companies, helping them to:

  • Speed up the hiring process

  • Reduce costs and

  • Improve retention rates

Talented, Diverse SaaS Sales and Technology Experts

We recruit diverse, top-performing talent in sales, executive and technology roles. Specifically, we identify talent with the key skills, results, and experiences to be successful at your company and in your industry.

We have successfully placed top SaaS sales and technology professionals with organizations including:

  • Enterprise Software Vendors

  • Sales and Marketing Automation

  • Software Providers

  • Software as a Service Providers

  • Mobile Application Providers

  • Software Design Agencies

  • IT Security and Platform Software

Roles We Fill


  • Business / Sales Development Reps

  • Account Executives

  • Territory Sales Manager

  • Channel Sales Manager


  • VP of Sales

  • VP of Marketing

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chief Marketing Officer

Diverse Recruiting Experts Advantage

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