12 Ways to Improve Your Remote SAAS Sales Team Performance

Working as part of a remote SAAS sales team is the future; more people than ever are working virtually.  And though remote work was already a growing trend, the pandemic has really pushed virtual work to the forefront, leaving some companies scrambling to adapt.   Changes can be difficult, especially when we’re unprepared for them, and

Hiring Managers: 4 Ways You Can Help Your Company’s Diversity Hiring Efforts

As a hiring manager, are you curious about how you can help with your company’s diversity hiring efforts? If so, keep reading.   As Diverse Recruiting Expert’s Founder and Managing Director, I'll be sharing key diversity hiring insights I've gained from over two decades of sourcing diverse talent.   1. As a hiring manager you must

Outdated Theories in Recruiting

Are you the same person you were in college?    If you’re in college now, do you imagine that you’ll always be exactly as you are now?   Of course not. Life experiences change what you think and know about yourself and the world around you.   So why should recruiting professionals focus on a candidate’s GPA as

How to Recruit & Source Passive Candidates

We’re all busy trying to fill positions so it just makes sense to go for the low-hanging fruit; active job searchers, right? However, doing this ensures that you’re competing with hundreds if not thousands of other businesses searching to fill their roles with top talent. An alternative is to find great candidates who

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