Recruiting Updates

HireBetter Acquires Diverse Recruiting Experts to Drive Service Offering Expansion

Austin, Texas, November 2, 2022 — HireBetter, the award-winning strategic talent partner for entrepreneurial, growth-minded, middle-market companies, has announced the acquisition of Austin-based Diverse Recruiting Experts (DRE). This news brings a number of exciting developments for HireBetter clients, including the foundation for HireBetter’s innovative new Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) model for delivering top talent, which is expected

Is Diversity The Same As EEO?

Diversity and equality are commonly used interchangeably in the workplace. Although they are undoubtedly related, they are not the same. And when people aren't clear on the terms they're using, many of us can be perplexed when discussing them, particularly in terms of work. Even without the additional work required to ensure candidates represent a

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