There may come a time when the only kind of recruiter positions you’ll find on any job board are diversity talent recruiter jobs. 


Because as more companies realize the importance of having a diverse workforce they’ll be searching for recruiters who can provide a diverse spectrum of great candidates. 

Why employers are posting diversity talent recruiter jobs

Two driving forces behind this trend in talent recruitment are changes to demographics and the emergence of global markets. Smart companies know that the benefits of a diverse workplace are only gained when all of the individuals brought together are a good match.  

Their current recruiters may not have the knowledge and skills needed to find diverse prospects for their company. This is one of the reasons why these organizations need diversity talent recruiters to help fill their vacancies. 

Are you biased? 

Everyone, no matter who they are, has certain biases. We all see the world in a different way and our biases can impair our attempts to recruit for diversity. For example, imagine two individuals who have the exact same skill-set, and nearly identical experience, but one attended a prestigious, “ivy league” university and another a good state school.  

Which candidate would you, as a recruiter, bring to your client? Why? 

Is the employer really interested in diversity? 

Just because an employer states they want a diverse workforce doesn’t mean they’ve put the processes in place to ensure one. And if they do have a process is it clear, actionable and explicit in how it will be implemented?  The processes they do have in place for recruiting could actually be precluding the best candidates. (e.g. using poorly written job descriptions) 

When searching for diversity talent recruiter jobs ask your prospective employer or client about the processes they use to find diverse talent. Listen for concepts such as blind resume screenings and value-based hiring practices for hints that the company truly is seeking to diversify their workforce. 

How to stand out as a diversity talent recruiter 

Challenge how you view the world 

How you view the world is going to be different than how others view it. It’s simply human nature.  This doesn’t mean that you’re racist, sexist, etc. But it does mean that you have a particular way of doing and thinking about things. This fact can impact where you source candidates and how you interact with them. 

By understanding your own biases you’re more likely to question your own decisions to avoid reflexive judgments and to make more rational and equitable decisions. 

Write outstanding job descriptions 

The importance of writing a great job description to attract diverse candidates cannot be overstated. For example, studies have shown that gendered language can dissuade women from applying. If you’re trying to attract diverse talent, it’s important to make the language as neutral as possible.  

In some cases, the employer should note that they’re actively seeking and encouraging diverse candidates to apply to a position. (e.g. for in jobs which have historically been attributed to a specific gender)

Stay on top of the industry

Educate yourself on the latest changes in legislation and the recruitment industry. Connect with organizations dedicated to diversity to help your recruitment efforts be as effective as possible. 

What to expect in the interview 

Companies and agencies are searching for recruiters who have the ability to source qualified candidates who are a good match with their clients.  You may be asked about any and all experience you’ve had in sales and/or in customer service. These skill-sets are intricately connected to success as a diversity recruiter. 

Other topics the interviewer may ask could include your expertise in using recruitment tools. They may ask for ideas for finding diversity candidates with the skills and qualifications clients need.

Resources for diversity talent recruiter jobs 

It’s not difficult to find diversity talent recruiter jobs…all of the major job boards can be a good source, but don’t stop there.  

Recruiters have reported success when using the following resources too: 

  • LinkedIn 

If you’re looking for a diversity talent recruiter job, it should be among the first places you look. While you’re looking for a job you should also be making connections and building your network. These two things will help you shine as a diversity recruiter. 

  • Mogul 

Mogul is described as “an award-winning worldwide platform enabling women to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other.” Their job board features employers who are looking for women candidates to fill their job vacancies.  You can proactively reach out to these employers and offer them your services as a diversity talent recruiter. When you land the job, you can also use Mogul to find great talent for your clients! 

Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to companies who are advertising for recruiter jobs that don’t mention diversity in the job description.  It could simply be an oversight, or they could be unaware of the benefits of having a diverse workforce. Either way, when they see that you’re on top of industry changes and can deliver skilled candidates who are a great match, they’ll be glad you joined their team.