Businesses across the globe are desperate to fill their ranks with quality diversity candidates, making diversity talent sourcer positions one of the most in-demand careers out there.

This is great news if you’re thinking about finding diversity talent sourcer positions to advance your career as you’ll have many options.

These companies know they need to diversify their recruiting efforts, but they’re often unsure how to do it. That’s why they need a professional talent recruiter like you.

Your clients are looking to you to help them fill their positions with great candidates with the skills and talents to meet their needs.

Whether you’re new to recruiting or have been a recruiter for years, diversity talent sourcer positions should be on your radar.

Why you should consider diversity talent sourcer positions

1. You’ll be representing the company

As a diversity talent sourcer when people interact with you, in their minds you are the company. You may be the only connection a prospect will have with the company you’re representing.

This is a powerful position to be in.

You’ll have the opportunity to reinforce your client’s image as a company that’s interested in creating a diverse workforce.

This makes your job even easier.


Because great diversity candidates with the skills your client needs may be more open to connecting with you.

2. You’re really impacting lives

When you’re recruiting for diversity you’re creating a winning scenario for your clients, your candidates and yourself.

You’re sourcing quality diversity candidates and connecting them with clients who need them.

And you’re giving candidates access to a great place to work where they’ll be recognized and appreciated for what they bring to the table.

You’ll be excited to get to work every morning because you know you’ve matched great candidates with great companies for whom workplace diversity is more than just a trendy phrase…

And of course, all of your hard work will be rewarded too when your clients provide you with generous compensation for your help.

3. You make great things happen

People are more than their resume’.

You know it, and deep down your clients know it, but they’re often dealing with pressures and demands for outcomes that they often overlook this fact.

Which means they sometimes disregard an application because they saw something that they didn’t like.

But you convince them to interview the prospect anyway and so they do…and then they hire them. Then, they’re so impressed with your diversity recruiting talents they recommend you to their colleagues.

Or maybe your candidate is reluctant to interview for a position, but you encourage them and convince them to go, resulting in them getting their dream job.

Which means they now have the resources to give their kids those violin lessons or send them to a better school.

What could be better than knowing that you made it happen?

4. Your results are visible

There are few careers where the fruit of your efforts will be staring you in the face.

Diversity recruiting is one of them.

When you’re down in the weeds, combing through profiles, reaching out to prospects, interviewing candidates, or discussing your clients’ needs it can be easy to think that you’re just doing busy work.

But obviously, that’s not the case.

Every task you do…every phone call…every email…every Google search…all of it is leading towards a singular goal…to find a great match for both your clients and your candidates.

And when you do make great matches you can see all of the hours you’ve put in right there, in black and white…mission accomplished.

Nothing like it!

5. You can become “in-demand”

The longer you are a diversity talent sourcer the more your reputation will grow.

You’ll spend less time marketing yourself because your satisfied clients will be sharing what you’ve done for them with others.

You deliver great results for both your clients and prospects, which means you’ll be elevated to the position of a trusted advisor.

All of your work will come via referrals and recommendations, making it easier for you to do a great job…which of course gives you more time to make great matches.

In short…you’ll “own” your market…which is definitely a great benefit to being a diversity talent sourcer.

6. You’re well compensated for results

While it should never be your main motivation, you will be well compensated for all of your hard work as a diversity talent recruiter.

When you work with clients who understand how valuable your recruiting efforts are, and when your reputation as a great diversity talent sourcer is well established, you’ll make good money as a diversity talent recruiter.

7. You’ll grow your network…and your opportunities

When you seek out diversity talent sourcer positions you’ll naturally expand your network in the course of doing your job.

You’ll gain the connections and sources to help you find great candidates for your clients who may be outside of your current circle of friends and acquaintances.

And by routinely reaching out to diverse candidates you’ll have an opportunity to get to know people with diverse backgrounds, skill-sets, challenges and way of doing things.

This will expand your own worldview and open your life up to new and different ideas and possibilities you may have missed otherwise.