The employment and business landscape is changing, increasing the need to find savvy individuals to fill diversity talent recruiter positions.  Globalization, technology, an aging workforce, shifts in demographics and changing perspectives are contributing to the changes.  

Now, more than ever, diversity in recruitment efforts is a requirement, rather than an option if a business wants to remain competitive in their industry. A diversity talent recruiter can help businesses find good candidates who are not only well qualified to do their jobs but will mesh well with the company culture. 

Why a diversity talent recruiter? 

An individual who has been trained in recruiting for diversity has a keen understanding of what’s important to prospects. And they can more easily match the right candidate to the right position and company. 

When your recruitment team is hiring for diversity, you’ll have a good mix of talents, skills, and personalities. This can lead to greater productivity, engagement and employee retention. 

Benefits of a diverse workforce 

To be competitive in today’s global marketplace your employees should be a reflection of the markets you serve.  As prospective candidates see your commitment to diversity in the workplace, recruitment and retention rates will grow. So too will brand loyalty and word of mouth referral.  This, in turn, will lead to a bigger pool of candidates, giving you more choice in finding the right person for your organization. 

Benefits to your organization 

Maintaining a diverse workforce of individuals with a variety of skills, talents, and backgrounds can encourage both productivity and creativity as everyone strives to reach a common goal.  And if your employees feel like their contribution to the team is both desired and appreciated, they’ll experience job satisfaction. This creates a positive environment that’s beneficial for everyone. 

Diversity within your organization can help you stand out as a company, leading to more opportunities for growth and an increase in revenue for your organization. By hiring people from diverse backgrounds you’re supporting your organization’s ability to interact with and support customers from across the globe.  The most obvious example, of course, is language.

Both prospects and customers who either have limited vocabulary or don’t speak English at all will be more at ease when they can speak with someone who can communicate in their native language.  And when people feel at ease they’ll be more open to doing business with your company. 

A diverse workforce can also add more to your bottom line than might happen otherwise.  For example, an employee you’ve hired who has a disability knows and understands the needs and desires of your disabled customers – or prospective customers.

They are aware of your prospective customer’s concerns and will be able to make recommendations for products and services that will be of benefit to them. 

As you can see, it is in your best interest as an organization to focus on recruiting for diversity.  When your commitment to a diverse workforce is evident by your aggressive outreach and recruiting efforts, you: 

  • set yourself apart from the competition 
  • attract more qualified applicants with a diverse range of skill-sets they bring to the table 
  • improve employee retention and job satisfaction rates, leading to higher quality results 
  • gain loyalty from diversity minded consumers who strive to only buy from socially responsible companies like yours 

Benefits for your employees  

As all employees are made to feel welcome and their efforts are appreciated, the work environment becomes one in which every employee is happy and excited to go to work. This leads to improved customer service and a strengthening of your brand. 

While conflicts can arise, the benefits of workplace diversity far outweigh any issues that may stem from the differences among individuals. And, as people from different cultures, generations, and backgrounds learn to work together, mutual trust and respect are built.

As employees recognize the strengths and talents that each team member brings to the table their efficiency improves. As the global marketplace continues to grow, employees who are interested in growing with your organization can take advantage of two types of growth opportunities: 


Employees with language skills and multicultural understanding can represent your organization, and help to build your presence in an expanded marketplace. 

Employee development 

Interested individuals can expand their knowledge and expertise of multinational business strategies. This gives them a new career challenge as they remain open to possible expatriate assignments to help the organization expand its reach. 

How to diversify your workforce 

Create your diversity policy and then make it known in all of your marketing efforts. Your policy needs to spell out goals and strategies that your team can use to ensure that you’re reaching as many individuals as possible.  

Specifically, your diversity policy needs to include: 

  • Clearly written job descriptions that aren’t discriminatory against any applicant. 
  • Where and how you’ll advertise in order to find as diverse of a talent pool as possible. 
  • Guidelines that are in line with current government rules and regulations concerning hiring practices. (to avoid litigation if possible) 
  • Clearly stated conflict resolution statement that affords equal treatment for everyone, across the board. 
  • Employee management training that includes education about differences in communication and business etiquette to ensure good management practices. 
  • Policies in regard to any needed accommodations for individual needs to support employees in their job duties 

No matter the challenges your organization might face by diversifying your workforce, the benefits far outweigh them. You’re strengthening your organization when you diversify your hiring efforts.


Because you’re building a team of individuals with varying skill-sets, experiences, perceptions and communication styles. And as technology continues to bring the world ever closer together, with a diverse workforce you can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace.

This gives you the tools to meet the demands of business in an effective – and profitable way.