Through our diversity recruiting services, Diverse Recruiting Experts create the best diversity recruiting strategies and execution plans to attract, hire and retain a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Diversity Recruiting Consulting

Corporate Culture Improves With Diverse Hiring

We provide sourcing advice, interview capability training and recruiting support. Our goal is to increase the pipeline of diverse candidates presented to managers through a strategic plan for diversity recruitment.

Consulting And Diversity Recruiting Services

Attracting and hiring the best candidates for your company is always a challenge. Throw in the diversity factor and you need expert help. The team at D.R.E. helps you retain a more diverse workforce through:

  • Diversity Recruiting Strategy and Training
  • Candidate Sourcing and Placement
  • University Relations and College Recruiting Strategy
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consulting

Our consulting, recruiting, sourcing and on-boarding practices allow employers to fill critical technology and business roles with highly qualified diverse candidates. Our approach will increase the employer’s success with hiring and retaining a more diverse workforce.

Diverse Company Culture

Diverse Recruiting Experts has a commitment to inclusion and collaboration. Our system ensures that both company and candidate find common ground. This common ground leads to a culture shift within the company that aims to attract top talent. Attracting and recruiting is only the first step in this process.

The competitive recruiting advantage goes beyond the hiring process. Our team finds you the right candidates, but on a much deeper level we work internally with your staff to understand how to repeatedly attract these people. As your company pushes the values of diversity forward it will see leaps in its retention.

Recruiting Technology Integration

Talent Acquisition And Hiring

Talent Acquisition Is Key To Success

Today’s top companies cannot simply expect the best candidates to walk through the door for every interview. The right candidates must be sought out, which creates a distance that can cause distracted interviews.

Cody Horton and Diverse Recruiting Experts have been advocates for virtual interviewing in large companies for many years. It is one innovative way we help you find the right candidates for open positions.

Cody leads the Linkedin discussion group: Virtual Interviewing Leaders. This discussion group provides a forum for customers, consultants and video interview providers to share best practices and collaborate on, virtual, and video interviewing topics.

Our Commitment To Growth

Diverse Recruiting Experts was founded on the idea of helping companies expand their recruitment base, diversity and company culture. We are passionate about creating the win-win situation for both client and company.

Let us help take your company to the next level with professional diversity recruiting services focused on diversity training, candidate sourcing and cultural development.

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