On Demand Diversity Recruiting and Diverse Talent Sourcing 

Diverse Recruiting Experts offers a scalable candidate sourcing service that supports the recruiting efforts of organizations in need of diverse talent.

As a team with more than 20 years of experience in sourcing, we’ve seen businesses thrive by helping them increase the diversity of the talent they employ.

We know recruiting top diverse talent is not easy. It can be expensive too, especially when you make a bad hire. This is why we’ve designed a sourcing process which weeds out potential bad hires, and provides you with a list of candidates we know will be an asset to your organization.

How Our Strategic Sourcing Process Works

We begin the sourcing process by establishing a good relationship with hiring managers. This is a critical component to ensure a smooth recruiting process and to making a quality hire.

Next, we have an in-depth meeting to get a comprehensive understanding of your situation and how the new hire will help improve your company. We stay in contact with you throughout the whole process with updates and to get your feedback in order to find the right candidate.

Once we have a good understanding of what the perfect candidate looks like, we work with our sourcing team to get you a list of candidates that match what you’re looking for. Our top priority with any company that we work with is to help you make quality hires.

Flexible Sourcing that Delivers Results

We understand sometimes you suddenly need to fill multiple positions at once – that’s why our flexible sourcing services are a perfect fit.

With our candidate sourcing service, you are able to:

Adjust at any time, depending on your needs
Forecast your budget – you’ll always know your costs

Our Leadership Team

Diversity in recruitment is vital for companies who want to create a strong, talented workforce.

At Diverse Recruiting Experts, our passion for sourcing diverse talent stems from seeing cultural shifts take place within organizations as they grow to the next level.

CODY HORTONManaging Director
As an expert recruiter and highly sought speaker and educator, Cody delivers expert insight into diversity hiring strategies and processes.
DAWN FINGERSDirector of Recruiting Services
A senior expert recruiter, Dawn is the enthusiastic and helpful “go-to” person both our clients and our team depend on to get things done right.
JEFF FISHERDirector of Operations
Part recruiter, part digital marketer, Jeff ensures each client receives exactly what they need from our sourcing team and recruiting experts.
DIN CHANEYExpert Recruiter
Unlocking the potential rewards for both our clients and candidates is what inspires Din’s enthusiasm as an expert recruiter. 

Diversity in Recruitment… It’s What We Do

Attracting and hiring the best candidates for your company is always a challenge. Throw in the need for sourcing a diverse range of talent and you need expert help.

At Diverse Recruiting Experts we offer candidate sourcing as a service, keeping diversity always in mind. In fact, from sourcing and screening all the way to recruiting and negotiating, our sourcing team will manage the entire recruitment process for you… leaving you more time to run your business.

Why Use Our Sourcing Skills? 

  • You’ll get access to the candidate information that will help your company make educated hiring decisions – fast. 

  • Our data-driven approach to sourcing in recruitment means you’ll have access to a diverse pool of candidates with the knowledge, skills and talents your organization is looking for. 

  • Quickly ramp up… or ramp down… your hiring efforts. Our team’s sourcing skills will be there when you need them.

What Our Clients Say

Cody Horton is one of the best in the business. In addition to being a leader in Talent Acquisition, he brings an unparalleled passion to the diversity and inclusion space. I’ve known him for well over 10 years and would highly recommend Cody for any senior recruiting position.

Charles B

It’s hard to believe I’ve known Cody nearly 15 years now, and only recently started working in a professional capacity together. Now deeply engaged in sourcing candidates for key positions and advising on parts of our talent acquisition strategy I can see my initial assessments of him hold true. He’s bright, capable and hard working. More importantly, he executes on the tasks given, takes and adapts to feedback and runs with things even in a vacuum of data. He’s become a valuable member of our growth strategy

Ross K

Cody is a natural at recruiting. He has the dedication and work ethic to drive quality leads for high priority vacancies. His ability to work fast and passionately is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cody!! You are a great partner!

Melinda W

Ready to Get Started?

Let us put our 20+ years of recruiting diverse talent to work for you. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of a diverse workforce, schedule your strategy session today.


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